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We are dedicated to creating and holding a sacred space for healing so you may heal your life (heal and or complete childhood wounds) and carry that healing out into expression in the world. You were born to learn how to thrive, not just survive. We believe that regardless of the problems you face in life, healing (the permanent resolution of pain) is available. There is always hope.

Our services include:

Holistic Psychotherapy

Couple Counseling

Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery


Guided Imagery

Holistic Psychotherapy

Holistic Psychotherapy is a relationship of trust between you and a counselor that takes place in a warm, safe and confidential setting. Different from traditional therapy it integrates scientifically proven mind-body approaches with conventional therapeutic practices helping you to heal emotional wounds and resolve or complete unmet childhood needs, benefiting you as a whole person - mind, body and spirit. Holistic Psychotherapy incorporates left and right brain processes, and conscious and unconscious resources increasing your self-confidence, self-esteem and overall sense of well-being.

Self-awareness and self-care are central to all of our teaching at LightHeart. We operate out of a paradigm which believes that you are your own best expert. The words "to educate" come from the latin root "educare" which, literally translated, mean to "elicit" or "draw forth". We see our role as therapists to elicit and draw forward your expertise and brilliance, strengthening your relationship with yourself, increasing your happiness and peace of mind.

Common issues clients address and resolve include: family of origin concerns, physical, sexual, emotional abuse, co-dependency, addictions to alcohol, work, food, relationships and other substances and processes, stress, career transitions, parenting, anxiety, depression, and issues of courage.

We are very results-oriented and focus on core issues rather than symptoms to help you create permanent positive change. Natural outcomes of our work include clarity, greater self-confidence, a stronger backbone, direction for life purpose, pride for personal accomplishments and effortless joy.

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It has been said that 98% of American families are dysfunctional. The truth is every family lies somewhere on the scale between healthy and unhealthy, functional and dysfunctional.

To the extent that one individual is suffering, other members of the family suffer - often in different ways, through different expressions. We work with families to sort out the underlying issues that cause (and unconsciously promote) dysfunction and unhappiness.

The good news to remember is that health is contagious. When any one family member experiences relief, other family members are positively affected. It takes only one individual to begin and make a significant difference.

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The biggest
thing in the world,
bigger than the
ocean and the sky,
is your heart.

D.H. Choe


























The most effective way to deal with ADD and ADHD in our country is to restore the ritual of the family dinner hour.

Carl Hammargschlag
Psychiatrist & Author



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