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What Is LightHeart?

The LightHeart Institute is Rochester’s leading resource for executive leadership, hope, health, healing and vitality.  For over 25 years, the Institute has been credited for effectively guiding client journeys toward leadership excellence, emotional health and well-being and physical vitality. 

Founded in 1987 by entrepreneur Lisa Hill DiFusco at the encouragement and inspiration of surgeon and best-selling author Bernie Siegel MD, the Institute’s programs and services are designed to inspire and equip individuals, corporate executives, community leaders, and the greater community with the ability to lead more productive, prosperous and joy-filled lives impacting Rochester, New York and beyond, for generations to come.  Under the guidance of Ms. Hill DiFusco, and through the divisions of Corporate Leadership, Holistic Psychotherapy, Holistic Health and Spiritual Growth, empowered clients discover their natural ability to succeed and thrive.

The LightHeart Institute is conveniently located at 21 Prince Street in the heart of Rochester’s Neighborhood of the Arts, just 12 minutes from the Greater Rochester International Airport.   Steeped in history, the Center is housed in a 5000 square foot meticulously restored historic mansion constructed in the early 1900s which fittingly was once the first administration building for the University of Rochester.


...much, much more
is possible
than people
ordinarily think.

The Art of Possibility
Rosamund Stone Zander
and Benjamin Zander


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